You Reported
Delete your Anti-Jharkhandi contents on world wide web (www) or be ready for consequences - An Open Warning from Jharkhand Cohort to all alleged bloggers * Share

Dear Anti-Jharkhandi Blogger(s),
This is an open warning to you from Jharkhand Cohort to delete your Anti-Jharkhandi contents on world wide web (www) otherwise you will be prompted to face consequences of it.
Jai Jharkhand!
Jharkhand Cohort
Attached - An Anti-Jharkhandi content posted in July 2009 by a blogspot user -

नये नियम के अनुसार SC, ST और OBC के लिए 50 % RESERVATION रखा गया है

लंदन ड्रीम्स से असिन और सलमान को हटा कर सरीता केरकेट्टा और रमेश तिर्की को लिया गया है


You Reported

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