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Pano Hembram took initiative to protect people from sexual diseases in Murkum Village, East Singhbhum (Jamshedpur) * Share

Pano Hembram of Singhbhum may appear to be just any another handicapped village girl. But she is an inspiration for many. Despite her physical disability of a hunchback and poverty, she educates villagers over the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and tells them how to guard themselves.


A resident of Purvi Singhbhum' Murkum village, Pano took an  initiative some time back to protect people of her village from sexual diseases. Initially, the villagers were hesitant to discuss the subject. But Pano persisted. She was keen to guard them from getting infected from sexually transmitted diseases.  Her efforts paid off and people are listening to her. "I go to the village, there we conduct sessions. I hold meetings there and inform women about family planning, make them aware of HIV," said Pano Hembram. Courtesy Pano Hembram, people are today aware about the significance of a healthy life.  


Pano has been trained at Tata Steel Family Initiatives Foundation (TSFIF) in health education. She also secured the support of YARS (Youth Access to Reproductive Health Services in India), an organization that seeks to make people aware of health care.  The organization seeks to teach young girls and boys. Today, many boys and girls of the village have joined this project.  Their work is to visit villages and inform everyone how to protect themselves from these diseases.


The elders in the village too are taking interest in health care. People of this village, especially the women, have now got a penchant for a safe and secure life. Thanks to Pano Hembram, people are today aware about the significance of a healthy life.  And, it has helped them save themselves from getting affected by diseases.


"From Jakir Nagar clinic, we based three clinics and started piloting in 2,000.  Our motive was to persuade them not to marry at a tender age, to think about their future, guard against HIV/AIDS and to spread awareness about health care. Our package has been prepared keeping these objectives in mind," said Dilip Kaushtun.


On the other side, now people of Murkum village are showing their interest in this and thus contributing in this task. People of this village, especially women have now got a penchant for a safe and secure life. Pano has displayed immense courage that has changed the lives of the villagers.


(ANI) / 2009 April 18


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